Bullion Trading

Welcome to the Emporium Gruppe's bullion trade section. Precious metal collectors, dealers and investors can find competent help under www.silber-werte.de and from our investment consultant, Uwe Fraust. After all, investing money is a matter of trust.

This is a maxim we take very seriously at silber-werte.de. Our investment consultants are happy to give you tips for investing in precious metals and to work with you on an individual strategy for your portfolio. Uwe Fraust, our specialist here at Emporium Silberwerte, is always available to answer all your questions and to provide personal consultation for investments in physical precious metal.

Emporium Silberwerte stands for:

  • 40 years of experience in international coin trading
  • The highest quality in all coins
  • Reliable consultation, delivery and customer service

Precious metals can be ordered at our on-line shop, www.silber-werte.de, or directly at pick-up in the Stoertebekerhaus.

Exclusive distributions

The Emporium group has made agreements with a number of mints in recent years. We market their coins and medals exclusively in Germany. We would like to show you this small selection of coins from our "exclusive distributions".

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The Stoertebeker house

Where modernity and tradition coexist! In this “Hanseatic office block” tradition has been discreetly blended with the demands of the modern age. Visit us right in the heart of Hamburg.

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Ihr Ansprechpartner

Uwe Fraust

Authorized Officer / Head Bullion Trading

Phone Number:
+4940/257 99-106


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