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The Emporium Gruppe is one of the world's leading coin trading houses. We have been a competent and helpful partner supporting coin collectors, dealers, banks and investors in developing and completing their coin collections, as well as in diversifying their investment portfolios, for over 40 years.

The Emporium Gruppe is organized to serve the areas of wholesale trading, investment trading, numismatics and mail order selling. By specializing in these diverse areas of professional coin trading and customer groups, we are able to fulfill our customers' every wish.

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Precious metals prices

Coinauction by Emporium

Two floor auctions and severals online auctions take place every year. For more information please contact our numismatic department.

The Stoertebeker house

Where modernity and tradition coexist! In this “Hanseatic office block” tradition has been discreetly blended with the demands of the modern age. Visit us right in the heart of Hamburg.

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