The EMPORIUM GRUPPE has been a competent and helpful partner supporting coin collectors, investors and coin dealers for over 40 years.

Emporium is trusted by the large state mints. Our staff members travel all over the world to auctions and trade fairs to purchase coins and broaden their professional knowledge of coins. As a customer at Emporium you can profit from our many years of experience and our precise knowledge of the international coin market.

The wide-ranging motifs and themes are what make coin collecting so exciting. We can offer you as our customer every opportunity: from the most current innovations to the rarest original coins from antiquity. Particular emphasis is traditionally placed on German coins. Whether you are looking for thalers, reichsmarks, 10 DMs, commemorative 10 € silver coins or the very popular 100 euro gold coin and the proper accessories for your collection -

anyone with an interest in coins is always well-advised to come to the EMPORIUM GRUPPE!
Sincerely, Achim Becker


Achim Becker, Proprietor
Achim Becker, Proprietor

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